5" Come And Take Them™ Sticker Molon Labe Decal Second 2nd Amendment Gun Three %

  • 400

  • "Come and Take Them" is the translation of the ancient greek saying: Molon Labe, which was spoken by King Leonidas when he and his spartan warriors were asked to surrender while outmanned at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. This defiant saying lives on today and is the ultimate cry of defiance to those who would try and revoke our second amendment rights. "Come And Take Them!"
  • Come And Take Them™ Brand "MOLON LABE" Decal Sticker -  Quantity: 1
  • Color: Black and White / Measures: 5" x 5" DIE CUT CIRCLE / MADE IN USA
  • Made of durable outdoor vinyl - Sticks on your vehicle window, motorcycle, rv, gun safe, toolbox, or laptop.
  • You Are Buying An Authentic Come And Take Them™ Brand Decal Sticker (Artwork Copyright © 2016 TWD LLC . All Rights Reserved)